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Yanapumas travel club


To create and organize the “Yanapumas travel club” and offer kids from six to eighteen years old; from two communities in Perú, the opportunity to do organized group full day excursions and longer jourmeys to natural and historic places in our vicinity and other regions of the country.   


Two communities:

1.- Ollantaytambo district, province of Urubamba, region of Cusco (90 kms northwest of Cusco city)

2.- AA.HH* Nestor Cáceres Velasquez – La Arena Alta, province of Cañete, region of Lima (Km 166m of the South Panamerican Highway)

*Asentamiento Humano = Human Settlement

Ideas for excursions and trips:

Walks in natural areas, wildlife observation, exploring archaeological sites, visiting communities different than theirs; in general, places where kids can connect to nature and our own culture and history.


Since 2012 I have been working as a Tour Director leading groups of teenagers from United States of America and Canada to some of the most beautiful places in Perú; one of the many comments these teenagers share is “feeling privileged for having the opportunity to travel and experience Perú“. This strong statement, yes! it´s the result of being in places and most importantly enjoying nature and connecting to people (specially kids their own age), which open their eyes to new cultures and realities and at the same time discovering more about themselves. From singing or dancing to commiting in a service project for a community; traveling and exploring, either a fullday or a longer journey, is a magic deal!. It gives colours to lives…

The main goal for the “Yanapumas travel club” is to give our peruvian kids that same opportunity to visit places, to be challenged, to reflect on their experiences, to become good travelers and good human beings for our society, where we can contribute not only to our well being but also to our common wealth.


The plan is to start exploring our vicinity and for kids to enjoy being outdoors with friends; also to have an understanding and love for nature, and to recognize themselves as part of it.

KIds will learn together the logistics behind traveling and will design the best excursions and longer journeys by themselves, taking into consideration money, time, distance, etc. Some of these outings will have different thematic approaches to talk and reflect about and eventually we´ll invite professionals and passionate people to share with our kids their knowledge about agriculture, biology, ecology, anthropology, history, art, philosophy, etc using simple explanations according to their ages.

We´ll also organize fundraising within our communities, friends and people around the world to cover full cost of certain dreamed journeys, like going to Macchupicchu, the Amazon or the ocean! You can imagine that not a lot of peruvian kids or adults get to visit these places because of the cost, because they don´t know how to travel or simply because they don´t have opportunities to do it. We´ll try to create those opportunities!  

When the current situation allows it, we´ll invite kids and their parents to our very first

presentation meeting. It´s important to have the support and awareness of the parents. We´ll share our ideas to strenghten the life experiences of our kids, family and our community through traveling and caring for nature and people.

At some point this year 2020 we´ll organize and offer our very first outing that for sure will be the starting point of creating the athmosphere we desire and of our commitment to carrying out this initiative in 2021. We´ll see what comes from there.

Pending tasks:

  • Creating a project profile for fundraising webpages. Also asking for donations, funds to local families, friends and organizations to cover logistics for our first excursions.
  • Start designing our very first outings for this year 2020.
  • Ideally, in the long-term, it would be great to develope a program like a “summer camp” and own a piece of land in Ollantaytambo town in the Sacred Valley of Cusco to have as a base from where we can start and finish our Journeys; as well as having  workshops, classes and other fun and educational activities for our kids.  


Traveling is not easy, neither cheap; specially for kids or families without certain resources, like opportunities, determination or money. The idea of “not having the time” to do it, is also a big limitation; and time can pass postponing that dreamed excursion or long journey for our kids.

For many years I have been leading journeys in Perú for foreign teenagers and they absolutely love it! Ever since I started I feel I am a bridge between their expectations and the reality in Perú, their culture and my own. I have had the chance to remind myself, through my groups, how much we can all grow as human beings and how much we deserve to be happy. It´s time for me to share that more with little kids and teenagers from Perú, specially with the ones that see traveling as something too far to happen.

This section has a Paypal donation button. If you would love to make a donation it would be greatly appreciated and If you would like to know more about the project please contact me at nilton@yanapumasperu.com

Thanks for your support

Nilton Bedriñana Espinoza

Founder Yanapumas Perú




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Yanapumas Perú is a group of great people, guides and interpreters, who will lead you on excursions, trips and projects designed to share life in Perú. We are very experienced in our own fields of interest and are eager to walk with You the path less traveled through our country.