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Yanapumas educational workshops


Build a space for educational workshops and fun activities; aimed for kids and teenagers from 6 to 18 years old, in the community of “La Arena Alta”, Lima.  


AA.HH* Nestor Cáceres Velasquez – La Arena Alta. San Vicente de Cañete city – Lima, Perú (Km 166m of the South Panamerican Highway)

*Asentamiento Humano = Human Settlement

Ideas for workshops and fun activities:

Theater, art painting, recycling, team building, educational talks, screening of documentaries, outdoor/indoor dynamics, sports and more.


In 2004 I bought a small piece of land in the AA.HH. Nestor Cáceres Velasquez – La Arena Alta, on the outskirts of San Vicente de Cañete city, Lima. The land is completely sandy, surrounded by dunes, farmlands and the Pacific Ocean nearby. There are around 300 families living in this community and their main economic activities are farming, small scale cattle raising, construction work, fishing and other temporary jobs. Not all families have running water or electricity; some people have to buy water from tank trucks and administrate it for few weeks. Streets don´t have paved roads or sidewalks and at night, because some areas are very dark without street lights, members of the community take turns to patrol the neighborhood to drive away potential robberies. Houses are built either with cement and bricks or with a combination of materials like “quincha” (wild cane plastered with mud), bamboo, playwood, recicled plastic and other objects. Some kids go to a relatively new public school in the community and some others still go to school in San Vicente de Cañete city, 25 minutes away using a local public transportation. Some teenagers (13 to 16 years old) find part-time jobs before or after their daily school classes, and when not working, their main entertainment is to play football, voleyball, hang out with friends, watch TV and go to internet cabins to play online games.

In a fairly isolated place like the one aforedescribed families have their own priorities. To pay for a workshop, a theater show or to encourage kids to go to a library is not always one of them.  


The plan is to share our time, knowledge, information and skills with little kids, teenagers and eventually adults from “La Arena” community. We would love to set up an organized, clean, eco-friendly space to build an athmosphere of respect, team work, solidarity and joy; as well as a place to develope new ideas from kids which involve things they would love doing together, for example traveling.

To accomplish that, first, we´ve been working on the infrastructure with materials like bamboo, wood, wild cane, mud, clay, stones, recicled iron tubes and cement. As I write, 60% of it is already built and hopefully we´ll hold our very first workshop in december this year 2020, regardless of what part of the building process we´ll be.

Second, In november this year 2020, we´ll invite some kids with their parents to a presentation meeting and a welcoming activity. It´s important to have the support and awareness of the parents. We´ll share our ideas to strenghten our community life through education and entertainment aimed for our kids and commiting the entire family.

Finally, as mentioned, in december 2020 we´ll organize and offer our very first workshop that for sure will be the starting point of creating the athmosphere we desire and of our commitment to carrying out this initiative in 2021. We´ll see what comes from there.

Pending tasks:

  • Using all the leftover materials we haven´t been able to use during the quarantine period. Building walls, making shelfs, planting flowers and a lot more.
  • Finishing all the electric and water installations.
  • Asking for donations, funds and labor work to local families, friends and organizations to continue building the bamboo house.
  • Start designing our very first workshop for december 2020.


This project was not asked for by anybody, neither is there a hidden interest; it´s more of a passion driven initiative where our mission and vocation is to contribute with possitive messages and actions to our community, sharing what we love doing and using our ability to communicate to little children and teenagers through educational workshops and fun activities to really enjoy our life in community.

This section has a Paypal donation button. If you would like to make a donation it would be greatly appreciated and If you would like to know more about the project please contact me at nilton@yanapumasperu.com

Thanks for your support

Nilton Bedriñana Espinoza

Founder Yanapumas Perú



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