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Why are llamas, alpacas, vicuñas and guanacos important in Perú?

Speaker: Eliuth Pérez



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Description of online talk

In the Andes, from times before the arrival of europeans, ancient cultures were using south american camelids as pack animals transporting different products all over the empire by the fantastic red of Inca trails; many people know llamas and alpacas for being domesticated but very few know Vicuñas and Guanacos for being wild! What if I tell you that vicuña fiber is considered the best quality you can find in the world over cashmere? our ancestors used every single part of these animals and it is possible to see them in some andean communities even nowadays.

What I am going to learn?

During this talk You will learn the differences between these four species of south american camelids and how they were used by the andean people in their daily life and the reason that they were always represented in ceramics, textiles, architecture and even in ceremonial rituals in honor to their Gods.

Who is it for?

Our educational talks are aimed for students of different ages, teachers and anybody who would love to learn more about Perú and our beliefs, traditions, world overview, art, architecture, diversity, challenges and more from ancient times until current days; from the perspective and knowledge of a professional communicator such as a peruvian tour guide. We´d love to share it also to those whose dream is to visit Perú in the near future; we hope that we can transmit our love for Perú and our hope to see you around here soon!

About our expert

Eliuth Pérez

Tour guide, tour manager and mystical guide

I am Eliuth Perez “Kusillo”, a professional tour guide in Cusco Peru with 18 years of experience leading tour groups all over the country. I love nature and culture of my ancestors, the Incas.     I am eager to share with you the magic of this great country! 

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