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Art and design in Perú. From ancient times until our days

Speaker: David Arce



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Did you know that?In ancient Peru the inhabitants of this continent represented everything that surrounded them and was a daily part of their lives as the flora, fauna and religious beliefs, in designs and artistic expressions that they incorporated to all the activities they performed, it is important to mention that since pre-Columbian times until today these designs are kept alive in different cultural manifestations especially textiles, ceramics and construction.

What I am going to learn?

In this course we will learn about art and design in ancient Peru and how it has survived until today in some high Andean communities of Peru and especially in the Cusco region.

Who is it for?

Our educational talks are aimed for students of different ages, teachers and anybody who would love to learn more about Perú and our beliefs, traditions, world overview, art, architecture, diversity, challenges and more from ancient times until current days; from the perspective and knowledge of a professional communicator such as a peruvian tour guide. We´d love to share it also to those whose dream is to visit Perú in the near future; we hope that we can transmit our love for Perú and our hope to see you around here soon!

About our expert

David Arce

Tour Guide, tour manager and naturalist

My name is David Arce and I am from Cusco Perú; life wanted me to be a “Tour Guide”. I am very  passionate about  my culture and  fascinated  with my profession, the one that I’ve been enjoying for over 14 years! what can I say , life has been good with me since I’ve had the opportunity to meet wonderful people who gave me the chance to grow both professionally and personally. I´ve done numerous things and achieve various goals, like hiking the Inca trails around Perú, climbing some of the highest mountains in Cusco, founding the first “Association of falconry and conservation of birds of prey of Cusco”. I’m a passionate naturalist, photographer and history teller, I have traveled all over my country and South America for the last ten years and I would love to share with you part of my life and experiences through our talks.

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