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Are there still uncontacted tribes in Perú?

Speaker: Nilton Bedriñana 



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Description of online talk

Are there still uncontacted tribes in Perú? Yes! there are still groups of indigenous people living in voluntary isolation and that have had no contact with the outside world. They live in the most remote and isolated regions of the Amazon rainforest; they are nomads moving through the jungle depending on the seasons, in small groups of extended families. They have suffered terrible violence and illnesses brought by outsiders in the past and this suffering continues today as their land is rapidly being destroyed. Workers of oil companies and illegal loggers invade their land and spread disease. The indigenous people will not survive if this situation is not ended.

data: https://www.survival.es/indigenas/aisladosperu

What I am going to learn?

You´ll learn about the threats that indigenous people and the amazon rainforest face nowadays. What is the government of Perú doing about it? and what can you do about it? Let’s find out!

Who is it for?

Our educational talks are aimed for students of different ages, teachers and anybody who would love to learn more about Perú and our beliefs, traditions, world overview, art, architecture, diversity, challenges and more from ancient times until current days; from the perspective and knowledge of a professional communicator such as a peruvian tour guide. We´d love to share it also to those whose dream is to visit Perú in the near future; we hope that we can transmit our love for Perú and our hope to see you around here soon!

About our expert

Nilton Bedriñana

Tour leader and nature interpreter, Yanapumas Perú founder

Twenty years ago, my life in the Amazon rainforest of Perú impacted me the most as a young, eager to learn, nature interpreter; I will keep that time forever in my heart. Traveling and developing new ways to communicate and share experiences with people, from Perú and all over the world, is my never-ending goal. Some years ago, I have spoken to a mythical idol, in a mysterious night, asking him for the life and people I have right now…I am so grateful for that; it’s my secret and my favorite story. In 2019, nature gave me the most amazing night in my life when I felt one with it and learned I shouldn’t fight against myself and things I can not control; however, this is a continuous hard work. In march this year 2020, the first day of state of emergency in Perú, I took the last flight home available to join my family; I don’t want to imagine “what if I couldn´t”

I am a professional tour leader but above all, I am a human being. 

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